Mandai Columbarium

One of my best friend passed away and was cremated at Mandai columbarium. After that once I was out with my group of friends and then my friend suggested we pay our deceased friend a visit. I told them columbarium closed latest by 6 or 7. no on believed me, 1 gf called up mandai and check, the lady over there told her is open for 24 hours. So we went after work, by the time we reach Mandai columbarium is like 8 plus. We drove a stupid small car. Nobody at all, windows turned foggy. We parked our lonely car in the lots. The building in front of us was obviously closed for the day, no lights along the corridors etc. But they insist on going inside. so i followed, damn scared.

We went into the lift, then open to the 2nd level. Guys was saying” there should be sensor lights , don’t worry” NOT true, it was pitch dark, we had to use Cellphone lights to find our way… WORSE, not sure which row, have to find .. imagine, using the cellphone lights, shine on each urn… * i can only mumble “sorry for disturbing” damn it…. finally we found our best friend’s ” Apartment” then we stood there, in darkness, but of course we didn’t feel afraid anymore, was chatting with her. We left her BF there alone , Pte moments, he was devastated ever since she left us.. anyway the rest of us sat along the corridor waiting, 1 idiot guy still wanted to go toilet… it was the longest wait ever, goosebumps, i thought i heard footsteps from the far end of the corridor, my friend kinda acknowledge the sounds we heard by looking into that direction a couple of times but we never spoke about it.

It was eerie, finally we got to go, as we’re about to leave the gates, the car made stupid noises as if it’s about to break down. Still it continued,

Anyway, i dreamt about my darling best friend later that night, she was sitting there, angelic and laughing with us, we hugged and it felt so real. I felt contented, it may be my imagination thus the dream, but it kinda assured me she knew we were there.

I miss her a lot, every little moments about friendship, death will trigger my tears. I never knew i will lose her so fast, we knew each other since we were nursery kids.( our mum knew each other and often play MJ together), same PAP, Same Secondary sch and that cemented our 20+ years friendship which i lost within 2 years of her cancer illness.

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