The Missing Mahjong Tiles

A group of 10 friends went to check in at a local chalet to celebrate their poly graduation. They brought along tons of entertainment like card games, small mahjong set, music and beer etc to get through the night.

When it was near dinner time, the guys set up the bbq pits leaving the girls to chat in the comfort of the aircon room. Food and beer was enough to get things started and the group of friends became rowdy after the alcohol.

After they had their food, a few of them suggested cycling and swimming to cool themselves down leaving a group of four behind in the room as they wanted to play mahjong. Let’s call them Eric, Ben, Jessie and Jay.

After a few rounds, Jay was unhappy he did not win a single match and shuffled the mahjong tiles with much force and some tiles flipped over the table. The rest of them picked the tiles up and continue to play. That is when something went wrong.

In a mahjong match, the ‘zhuang jia’ and the opposite side will both have 19×2 tiles (those who play mahjong should know right..) while the other two players will have 18×2 tiles lined up in front of them.

However, after Jay flipped the tiles, they could not continue the game because they only had 18×2 for the 4 players, which means 4 tiles had gone missing. All four of them went to look for the tiles in the room, they looked under the table, under the bed, and even in the toilet but they still could not find it.

That was when Ben and Eric suggested to overturn the tiles to see which tiles were missing so at least they could tell their friend. After pairing up all the sets, to their horror, all the four ‘Hong Zhong’ went missing….

This really freaked the four of them out and they looked at one another with blank expression thinking what would be the most logical thing to do next. That was when the door opened and one of their classmate had returned from his swim.

“Eh Ben, what are you all playing har? How come got 4 ‘Hong Zhong’ lined outside at our shoes there?”

Not wanting to believe his classmate, Ben went over to the door to see for himself and true enough, the 4 tiles were lying at the shoe steps. He returned the mahjong tiles to the set and without bidding his classmate goodbye, the four of them left the chalet without spending the night and without telling the rest of their classmates about their encounter.

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