The Chalet Without Mirror

This incident happened a very long time ago, during my Secondary School time, with my friend AK. But this time we were not alone, but instead we were having a class chalet with all our secondary school classmates. It was a good day, we moved into the chalet and start the basic cleaning up before we settle down. We are having a barbecue that night; as usual I am supposed to be the Fire Starter for the barbecue pit. A man got to do what a man got to do.

Every thing was set and all of us were gathering around the barbecue Pit in front of our Chalet. I don?t know why do I have to always be the one that skew the chicken wings for them, why do people afraid to get their hands dirty? We were sitting there eating our chicken wings, chatting and having a good time. Just then, something happen so suddenly that it shock every one of us.

A middle aged man came out of no where and start burning incense and making offering right in front of our eyes right in front of our Chalet. Even our neighbors were shock when they saw this thing happen right in front of their eyes. We try to chase him away, but he just ignores us and continues with what he is doing.

?I think we better get the security people to come and settle this.? I suggested. ?I will go with you.? AK said. We went to the security office to get one of the security guards to follow us back to our Chalet. ?Where did that guy went?? I asked as I realized that he was not there any more. ?He just left after he had finish what he come here to do.? DT said. ?Never mind then, I will clear the stuff for you all and you all just continue with your barbecue.? The security guard said.

?Maybe he was just praying and making offering to some Gods?? DT said. ?See the Joss Sticks he use? The handle is green in color, not red, that is not for gods offering, that is only use during the Hungry Ghost Festive to make offering to the ghosts.? I pointed out what worries me most. ?You really know those stuff well.? The security guard was surprise with my knowledge. ?Maybe you should speak to Uncle Tan, he been working here for quiet a long time, maybe he will know something.? The security guard suggested. AK and me went with the security guard to see Uncle Tan, and we heard the most amazing story about the Chalet that we are going to stay for the next two days!

?Did you realize that there are no mirror at the dressing table?? Uncle Tan said. ?Now that you tell me that, I think that is so, don?t you think so? AK.? ?Yes.? AK agrees. ?It happens quiet a few years back.? Uncle Tan signed as he begins his story.

A rich man was having an affair with his mistress at the Chalet. The mistress wanted him to divorce with his wife so that they can be legally together instead of hiding in Hotels or Chalets. The rich man disagrees and the mistress threatens to expose their affair to his wife. In the fit of anger, he kills the mistress by accident, banging her head against the mirror.

The management clears up the Chalet, restore the mirror with a new one and continue to rent it out to the public. Everything was fine until a newly wedded couple rented the Chalet for their Honey Moon. They went for a swim that afternoon at the seaside; the husband let the wife use the bathroom to take a shower first. After the wife is done she sat down in front of the dressing table to comb her hair. After the husband finish his shower, he lay on the bed to wait for his wife to finish with her hair.

He was very tired and fell asleep. By the time he wakes up again, it was already way pass midnight. He saw his wife still sitting in front of the dressing table combing her hair. He was puzzle and went behind her, wanting to pull her to his side so that they could have some romance for that night.

To his horror, he saw the face of another woman in the reflection of the mirror, smiling eerily at him. He almost fainted, but he pulls his last courage and phone for some help. Uncle Tan was the security guard on duty that night, he knows a Taoist well and so he calls the Taoist to come down for a look. The Taoist says that the ghost had die tragic and she was wearing a red dress when she die, so it was too powerful for him to subdue. The only thing they can do is wait for sunrise. The Taoist reflects the sunlight from outside the chalet pointed to the wife while Uncle Tan smash the mirror into pieces. Mirror was never restore in that same Chalet ever again.

?Maybe the middle age guy was the rich man, maybe it was the husband, or maybe it was just some other guy who had strange encounter in that same Chalet, no one will ever knew.? Uncle Tan said as he ended his story. We never did tell our classmates about it, some people just couldn’t take the fear and shock that come with the story. Those two nights, everybody sleep well except AK and me. There are going to be more sleepless nights, as there are going to be more ghost stories. If you like it, just enjoy the pleasure of reading it, do not try to find out where, when or how it all happen. It is just a story, and you are just another reader in a sleepless night like this.

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