A Dream Within A Dream

As the name of my story suggests, I once had a dream within a dream. It happened when I was still in Primary 4. It was the end-of-the-year examinations and I came home with a slight headache. But it was worst by the time I reached home which was about six in the evening. I settled my head on the pillow to give my tired mind a rest but soon fell asleep.

In my dream, I dreamt that I woke up at about two in the morning, still in my school uniform. I switched on the lights but found that i was all alone in the room. My sister actually shares the bedroom with me. I guessed that she should be in the master bedroom sleeping with my mother, father and younger brother.

Not wanting to be alone, I was tempted to go to the master bedroom which was across the hall. Just as I was about to open the door, I heard a noise just outside the door. I took a step backwards waiting to see what will happen next. It was actually a voice. A man’s voice… and he is waiting outside my bedroom door. He seems to be mumbling but gradually I heard what he was saying,”I will get you, Faisal…”. I was terrified. Just as I turned my back to hide under the bed, he was there! Right in front of me! I screamed just he was about to raise the knife in his hand.

But I realised that I was only dreaming (actually, this is another dream). My sister was shaking me and laughing at the same time. She said I was screaming the whole time I was sleeping. She tried to wake me but I didn’t seem to hear her at all. I was embarrassed so I decided to take a bath as it was already seven o’clock. In the toilet, another surprise came. An old man was in the toilet hiding behind the door. He taped my mouth with a black scotch tape and told me to kneel before him. I refused but he started to beat my legs with his stick. I gave up and kneeled before him. He said my real nightmare will start when I wake up from this dream. I was confused as I thought I was already awake and not dreaming (actually he was right).

He then knocked me out with his stick and I woke up (this time at the real world). I felt hot and sticky and then realised that I was covered with cold sweat all over my body. I then took a bath without anything happening (no old man) but I was thinking about what he said. My real nightmare will be starting when I wake up but nothing is actually happening.

The next day, while sitting for my last paper, I suddenly shook up all over. My paper was at about eight in the morning. A voice inside my head told me,”Your brother (I have two elder brothers) met with an accident!”. I was scared but at the same time feel stupid for listening to the voice in my head.

Taking no chances, I rushed home as soon I finished my paper. I saw my brother sitting on the sofa and the skin on his hand had peeled off! He explained that while frying the fries (he works at McDonald’s)the hot oil splashed on his arm. I asked him what time it happened and he said it was about eight. I trust him as he always carry a watch with him. It was just only the beginning. Over the next few years, until now, I was able to predict accidents or deaths in my family or even to other people. Everytime I look at the column at Streats about deaths or accidents, I would say to myself, “I knew it was coming…there’s nothing I can do…”.

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