The Old Man Song

You people know bedok jetty? Let me tell you on my encounter of the third kind.

It was a friday night(around 9+). It is a cool weather, windy but no rain, and therefore 3 of my friends and me decided to go fishing. Equiped with our fishing gear, we set off to our destination, Bedok Jetty, for an overnight fishing trip.

We reached the fishing spot around 11pm an started casting our lines into the sea. The air smells of salt and we left our rods there and started playing cards by the side and checking the rods once in a while.

It was a quiet and peaceful night, with the only sound coming from the radio we brought. The clock ticks slowly away while we were playing cards. Out of the sudden, a strong gust of wind came by which sends a shiver down our spine. The radio sound dies down and it becomes dead quiet. Suddenly a humming sound was heard by me. I look up and saw only one of my friends started looking around. We stared into each others eyes and knew that the melody wasn’t coming from anyone of us. Strangely, the was no others nears us. It grew colder and the sky got darker. My digital watch sounded stating that it was 12. The song grew louder and it approaches us, getting nearer and nearer. I sense its presence behind me and my friend sitting opposite me grew pale. He than said that he wanted to leave the place as it grew colder. I agreed and we packed up our thing and left.

We end up playing cards at my place. But what i was shock to hear is that, my friend who turn pale said that there was an old man leaning over me looking at my cards and humming a song. The things that is fearsome is that he has no eyes. I heard its singing and felt its presence, but strangely, the other two can’t see or hear anything.

I cannot imagine what would have happen if we have not left? Maybe IT will join us for a card game down below.

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