A Ghost Story

Just thought maybe this is a chance to say out my experience. I was in Primary Six at that time. My school was quite an old building. The hall and the classroom block is only linked on level 2. On every classroom level there is 2 female and male toilets. One pair is near the edge of bright staircase (which I would call Staircase A). The other is over at the corner where there`s a seldomly used staircase (Staircase B). The light for the staircase is always dim. I`ve wondered why.

When one day a friend told me that the toilet near Staircase B was haunted, I thought it was just a joke to scare me. (I always use the toilet there for it is always empty.) I ignored him, and continued to use it. During lesson, I went alone to the toilet with a bad need to relive myself. After doing my business, I went out and wash my hand. Suddenly, I heard someone humming. It stopped when the water stopped flowing. Pushing it to the back of my mind, I continued washing. I heard it again. By then, I was ready to have a heart attack. But, being the bold and dangerous, I acted as if nothing happened and finish washing the remaining soap on my hands.

Once out of the toilet, I ran like hell back to my class. My teacher was so surprised that she asked me whether I was alright. Catching my breath, I start to wonder whether it was the sound of the fan in the toilet. So, I decided to check it out once more. During recess, I called on to my buddies and tell them about it. They decided to go with me. We entered the toilet quietly. I reached my hand out slowly to turn on the tap. The humming returned. The whole bunch rushed out. After I checked with my friends, only 2 of them had heard the hum. The rest just rushed out because WE rushed out. Dumbfounded, I never went to the toilet again until 6 months later…The toilet`s ceiling was opened. I heard no more humming. That was the last of the singing ghost.

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