Haunted School

This was my own experience although it was dated few years back, the incident is still fresh in my mind. It happened during primary school … My primary school were made up of four buildings in alignment with each other, such that they formed a square. In the middle, it was a garden. There was this highest level in building A, of which the classrooms were all locked. The whole level was not in use by anyone, strangely. Rumours were that it was haunted. It never occured to us as to why, because we were all young and innocent. I also did not bother as I am the type of person whom as long as you do not cross my path, I will not deliberately cross your path. Until one day, some of my classmates decided to explore that level during our recess break. All my friends decided to go, and I decided to go too as I do not wish to be left out. My mind was in a whirl and my foot became heavier as the group of us approached nearer and nearer to that level. It was extremely quiet on that level, maybe due to the fact that no one was using the classrooms. Halfway through, a few of us needed the toilet urgently. We decided to go to the nearest toilet, which was on that level. Upon opening the door to the toilet, we were welcome by darkness. The switch to the lights were on our right, and below it were red-stains which looked like blood. We were afraid and were wondering whether to enter the toilet at all or not. We discussed, and decided that 2 girls appointed per toilet cubicle. After our `visits to the toilet`, we decided to return back to our classroom through another staircase situated at the end of building A. Just as we made a turn, we saw a figure dressed in white standing by the staircase. We were all horrified, and started to make our way down buiding A by the staircase from we came.

Is the figure dressed in white, from the underworld or from earth? We never did find out …

(This school was later tore down, and was being re-built.)

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