Whose Hair

Another incident of mine that still sent a chill down my back whenever I recalled it … This incident happened during primary four or five … My classroom was situated on the first level of the school building. On this particular day, my two friends and I decided to `pay a visit to the toilets` after our recess break before returning back to the classroom. We went to the toilet just a few classrooms away. There were three toilet cubicles in that toilet, and we thought that it would be empty as it was usually isolated. To our dismay, one of the toilet cubicles (the last cubicle from the entrance) was occupied.

One of my friend `A` went into the second cubicle. Neither me nor my friend `B` wanted to go into the first cubicle as the door was not the full length (this was made for the lower primary students). We decided to wait. However, after a long period, `B` and me were quite frustrated as neither `A` nor the last cubicle was done yet. `B` knocked on the door of the last cubicle. There was no response or any movements coming from the last cubicle. `B` decided to look through the gap below (in-between the door and the floor). Upon peeking, she started to cry. At this moment, `A` came out of the cubicle and started to ask me what happened. I was also unsure. This time round, `A` and I decided to see it for ourselves. We looked through the gap and saw a pile of hair on the floor. It was as if someone have just cut her hair. We were horrified, but calmed ourselves down and returned back to the classroom. Halfway through the lesson, our discipline teacher came to our classroom and asked did any one of us cut our hair in the toilet. My two friends and I looked at each other, and started to cry (I`ve no idea why we cried at that moment, maybe due to fear). We were being called out of the classroom and was asked to tell the whole incident in details. The next day, the principal announced over the whole school and asked the person whom cut her hair in the toilet to owe up. The pricipal even asked the form teachers of each respective classes to check the hair of the students. However, strangely, no student`s hair was found to be cut. So whose hair found in the toilet does it belong to?

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