Pen Spirit

I am sure everybody heard of the ouija board where a bowl moves as the spirit in it moves so that you can ask question and it will reply.

The story i am going to relate happen to me. I was 16 years old in my old level year. I met a junior in my school and we became couple.

Not long into the relationship, she picked up a past time play thing call pen spirit. This basically happens like the ouija board but uses just a piece of paper and a pen. We will place our thumb on the top of the pen and the rest of the fingers holding onto the pen. Than we began to invite spirit and than the rest operates like the ouija board.

Now my girlfriend happens to get stuck with a spirit that will not let go and she became scared. I went to her home near her void deck and started to get very angry with the spirit. I scolded the pen as it says that it is going to rape my girlfriend spiritually. In total anger, i threw the pen away into the dustbin.

The next day, my girlfriend told me in school that she dreamt of a man back facing her and say that it is going to kill me.

Of course being a man i say i not scare but actually i was quite afraid also. Than i approached my Mandarin teacher and told her. She immediately arranged for me to go to a friend of hers. There her friend pray to the gods and gave me a pendent and ask me to carry it always with me.

All this while the whole school (especially the juniors seems influenced by this whole thingy of pen spirit). There was a day at the morning assembly where some teachers of very strong faith (hindu, muslim, christian, buddhist) went to a class room that has some sec 1 students as if getting possessed. All this while, while we were having our assembly i can hear screaming and banging on the table.Than during middle of the assembly, there seems to be a commotion and it seems several of the students standing in front fainted (quite a number).

After i got my pendent, i went back to my art class and now all my classmate heard that this has happen to me, one of the repeat student told me to got to his uncle home so he can help me as his uncle is a person that speakes for the gods (dang gi). I went and when it was my turn, the uncle was possessed by the 2nd god of hell (ji ah peh) He ask me to step aside and let ohers go first. I did and when it was my turn to come to the alter, the uncle was than possessed by the monkey God and i got a good scolding for playing with spirits, but i was told i got a good luck from my past life. They say they will surround my house that night as i got news from another spirit i was inciting that my girlfriend spirit was going to kill me that very night!

I went home peacefully and nothing happen that night and i was laughing and telling my GF that spirit no guts as he know i ask so many gods to protect me.

Soon it was tme to graduate, my eca holds a party for all last year student. We were having much fun when suddenly things turn haywire. I saw my godsis acting in a strange manner and i know she must have been possessed!. I grabbed her hand and spoke into the spirit and tell the spirit if want to possessed, possessed me. After that, i remember i was using my fist to knock on the canteen bench thani started rolling on the floor. All these i know i am doing but i feel no pain and cannot stopped. It was not until one of my senior bring out a goddess of mercy pendent place in my hand than i stopped.

All hell broke lose as one junior say her spirit told her no one can leave the school that night. Anyone leave will be stopped.

Some girls were crying, than one girl got so scared she tried to run out of the school gate, before she can stepped out, she fainted. We had to carry her back and resuscitate her.

It was so scary and we just stayed at the school until the same girl that say cannot go out told us can go out.

The next day, being the head of the ECA amangement team, i was called in to the staff office and asked what happen. To which i tell the teacher if you dont believe in spiritual stuff, i tell you also no use.He still dont believe i was possessed.

The school was so serious that all such occultic activities were stopped. After which no more accident happen and peace return to the school.

i graduated and now happily married but this incident still stuck hard in my head as it happen to me.

Being a Christian now with strong faith, i know that all those thing was from the devil and we should not be afraid as we are saved by the blood of Jesus Christ.

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