Devil`S Night

This is not really a story but a personal account during my secondary school years. I was in NPCC then and we were suppose to have a camp on the next day which is a Friday. As my fellow squad mates and I are very close to our Cadet Inspectors(CI), we had a crazy idea, why not stay overnight in the school.

So all of us meet up at around 10pm and ahead towards our school. After negotiating with the security guards and ensured that we would not cause any trouble, they allowed us in but we were only allow to stay in the school`s foyer. We bunked inside the NPCC store and started our “ghost talks”. Our CIs, lighted the hurricane lamp and started filling us in with all ghost stories. I do not really like the idea of lighting the hurricane lamp as they were allo taken back from nearby funerals. According to some religions, the lamps are suppose to guide spirits on their path.

Halfway through the stories, i noticed a figure actually flash across the window pane of the door. I sweared i saw something and i started to keep very quiet and some of my squad mates actually noticed my strange behaviour. They came to me and ask if i saw something. I told them about the figure and i realised that i am not alone, those who sat near the door noticed figure too. Anyway, after the story session ended, we call it a day and decided to sleep. As the store was very small, i decided to sleep outside the store as it was more comfortable. Thursday night, thinking to myself, hopefully i would not get to see anything as Thursday night is known to have many strange happenings and it is known as the devil`s night by some people.

Late into the night passing midnight, i could not sleep but was glad that i saw nothing. 2am in the morning, so cold and i could not sleep. Then, i heard thunder roaring and i noticed that the sky was red, indicating a heavy rain. I sat on the chair, looking around the school until the rain finally came down. On the second floor, near the staff room, something caught my eyes, a figure moving slowly from the door of the room, towards the stair case, leading down to the foyer. I was scared stiff, hoping to wake my squad mate up but they were all sleeping like pigs. From the corner of the wall, i saw the figure appearing slowly. Having no choice, i went inside the store and grab and beret with the Singapore crest as it was supposed to be blessed. As i was studying in a catholic school i started praying and hoping it would get away. Before i knew, i fell asleep and was glad that nothing happened. I told all my squad mates about what happened, all were laughing, except for those who actually saw what i saw during the overnight stay.

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