I haven`t seen any but have heard loads, all in the school compound of this school: CHIJ Katong Convent. it has been said to have a lot of supernatural ongoings in the school. (by the way, i`m still a student in the school.)

There was once, this girl, “cher” was having maths lesson in the ava theaterette when she suddenly felt someone behind her. she was sitting at the back row of the theaterette. she told her friend, “wei”,about it and not to turn around but wei insisted and upon turning around, there was a sudden blackout. cher was very scared and she placed her head down, closing her eyes while the teacher, “mrs lim”, went to find the electrician. however, when cher looked up, she saw mrs lim there. could it be someone else?? the students on the backrow also said that the felt people kicking and pushing them. was it just their imagination?? also, when the electrician checked the lightings, he said everyting was fine.

Another experience was on the next day, also in the ava. my classmates and i were waiting outside the ava for our teacher even though the door wasn`t locked because the lights were still spoilt. when the teacher, “ms wong” came, she headed in to the room to switch on the lights but was still spoilt after yesterday`s experience. so, we waited outside for the electrician to come but within a few minutes, the lights came in even without the electrician coming. what could have possibly happened?????

Also, there was once when a teacher, “mrs koh” was walking hurrily when suddenly a schoolgirl dashed in front of her into a room. But, when mrs koh went into the room, there wasn`t any one in there. mrs koh got scared but she ignored what happened and continued her day.

Classrooms in the schools are also said to be haunted. students of a particular class didn`t like switching on the computer projector. they said that a figure would appear upon doing that. is a spirit trap in the ceiling??

Students in the schools have also said to be “possesed”. once, 3 sec 2 students, started screaming and cring franctically. the classmates said that they heard the voices of the students change, sounding like that of a pontianak. teachers all came and started praying over them. after a while, they were ok but couldn`t remember anything. were they possesed??

Another encouter, was also about a girl started screaming during lessons. she said there was something over her.

Once, in the hall, the school was having a mass celebration when me and my friends had a sudden strong smell of frangipani. was there something or was our noses playing tricks on us??

Catholic schools are said to have loads of all these expeiences encoutered by students. In which, it includes chij katong primary school. about its art room and toilets. But all these were because people said marine parade area was an area where most of the war was held. this includs st patrick`s school being the hospital. and st stephen`s school being hauted too! but are all these true or just rumours?? no one will actually believe until they`ve experienced it.

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