Ghost In School

I believe there a lot of story about seeing ghost in school,well i got one too in fact it happen to me.

It`s just like any normal day,that my grandfather drove us to school till to at that time I stayed at Bt timah and my school is at Still road.So I will still be late even I managed to take the first bus to school.But on the very day, my grand-father had to send me to school very early as he need to return the cab to his owner.

I remember i arrive at school abt 5.45am,at that time my school gate were still closed.About 10 min later a school canteen auntie came and opened the gate. i went in to the school with her and I went stright to my classroom located on the third floor.When i reached the third floor,i choose not to switch on the light as my classroom if located on the other end of the corridor, even if i did switch on the light it still be dark for me as there no light outside my classroom.

As I were walking to my classroom,I saw a dim light just outside my classroom.As I walked closer i saw a young girl feature and she was dress in white!!!! the funny thing is i can see through her and the white light is like just surround her. As i began to walk closer,i can see her feature very clearly,she had very long hair,she look very sad.When i looked down i relizse she floating and she got no legs……..

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