A Scary Night

This story happened when i slept over my friends place. The story goes like this. I went over to my friends place as how i would usually most of the weekends. At this point of time my childhood friends 1st elder sis was about to give birth on that very day.

Due to that she was hospitalized. I recall she gave birth quite late. Approximately late evening. She gave birth to a baby boy. Since they are Muslim, according to their believe upon giving birth they have to bury the umbilical cord. But since it was already pass evening turning night, the husband decided to bury it the very next day. So kept in in a jar and brought it over to my friends place and store it in the refrigerator and went off.

Before he left, i remember he told my friends mom that he would drop by in the morning to collect the umbilical cord. As the night falls, everyone in the house went to bed. We were told to keep all the windows shut by my friends mom. Me and my friend were sleeping in the hall after watching a movie. Around 2.30 am i was awoken my a sound. I woke up and looked around but nothing strange caught my eye. I lied down and try to catch my sleep. I was awaken by the sound seconds later after i lied down.

This time my friend heard it too. He thought i was playing some prank or something. After i swore upon the god, he was convinced that it wasn’t me. The sound was like as if something was scratching against something. The sound began to be continuous. Then out of no wear we heard banging against the window! I was freaked out. The sound was quite loud that even my friends 2nd and 3rd elder sister came out running as they heard their window being banged as well. They were terrified to a extend whereby the 2nd elder sister began to cry out of fear.

Everyone of us literally gathered in the hall. Soon it got worse as we even started to hear something crying and laughing. My friends father quickly on the high-fi system and played the Muslim prayers. We all started to pray. As we prayed, the crying and laughter got louder. But we still continued to pray. Eventually all the loud banging, scratching, crying and laughing came to a halt. Later then i did realize why we were told to keep all the windows closed. i was told by my friends father that those things which we encountered was known as Kak Kak (Pontianak) Those things love blood and they knew that in the refrigerator there was the umbilical cord kept and it contains blood. Till this very day i’m still traumatized by that incident.

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