Dream Or Reality?

It happened 6 years ago when I was 8. My mom give birth to a baby boy which was known as my younger brother. After she gave birth to him, we stayed at our grandma’s house for 2 weeks. Nothing terrible happened when we were staying there at our grandma house. But after the 2 weeks, we came back to our own house. Just as we entered the home, my younger brother started to cry like he saw something that he shouldn’t see. And few hours later, we settled him down. We we’re watching a ghost movie that night in the hall. I set up a mattress at the hall for me to sleep because I’ll doze off when I was watching a movie at the late night. It was in the middle of the movie when I started to drift off. I was making sure that my mom doesn’t leave me alone out here at midnight. So, After making sure some stuffs, I slept. All of a sudden, I felt someone sitting right behind me and holding a younger baby and rocking their body back and forth like a cradle. I tilted my head to see who it was. And then I off to sleep knowing that it was my mom with white dress and holding her younger baby. But then I realized, my mom have no white dress. I shot open and turn around to only see nobody was there. I went to the room and saw my mom was there wearing a blue dress sleeping with her baby. I went to room and sleep with my mom and my brother. As soon as I sleep, I had a dream.


My family and I were going out somewhere at night. My dad was opening the door when he suddenly saw a pontianak sitting down at the isle looking straight at me with an anger look. It came crawling straight to me. I quickly ran to a room nearby where my dad had hung my god’s picture. (I’m and Indian so we have a own room for us to pray to the God). Back to the dream, I went to that room knowing that pontianak can’t get in there. As the pontianak was at the entrance of the room, it gets even angrier because it can’t go in. My parents were shocked and they were asking me to get out of the room. I noticed a coffee table at the hallway. I thought that the ghost can’t climb up the table and catch me. So insane me, I ran out of the room and went on top of the table. The pontianak came crawling towards me near the coffee table and opened it’s mouth wide to gobble and swallow me. I’ve no any other choice but just to kick on it’s mouth. The pontianak gets more outrage and opened it’s mouth even wide with tons of sharp teeth and bite my leg. I don’t know what to do. My family were vanished suddenly….


I bolted up from bed screaming. I had the feeling of pain at my leg where the pontianak had bitten. Since then, I asked my parents to move out and now we’ve moved out but still having those same creepy dreams like ghosts bringing me somewhere, bitting me and chasing me. I’m 13 now and I still have that same eerie dreams. IT IS HORRIBLE AS IT IS.

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