MacRitchie Reservoir Run

This incident happened during our cross country run. Me and my friends were jogging when we heard a cry for help, it was in the forest, so we were a bit scared.

“Alamak…confirm is some spirit…”

We knew something was wrong cause the cries for help were really really distant.

“I think we go check la, see see, I think go together its fine…”

So we got off the track and trudged through the undergrowth. Since we were the last few people at the back, our disappearances went unnoticed. Then when we reached the area where the cries were the loudest, my friend suddenly tripped. We turned around to see he had tripped over a tombstone.

We panicked and just ran, we heard sudden rustling in the trees above us, so we panicked even more and covered our heads. When we finally got out of the forest we ran head-on to our teacher whom happened to pass by. Actually he was making sure we slackers don’t anyhow make pit stops and end the run.

Anyways, we just kept on saying it was a ghost, then the teacher don’t believe. So he entered the forest, but came out 5 mins later with a scar across his forehead, he quickly take out his cross and pray quietly, we down there scared shitless already.

“Alright, you all, follow me back, we got to get some medicine on my forehead…”

My teacher also scared shitless, cause I could hear the shakiness in his voice. We all kept quiet and followed him back. After they wiped away all the blood, we could see the scar was like a scratch.

My teacher claimed he heard some rustling in the trees, then he looked p to see a long arms Pontianak staring at him, she tried to grab his head but he manage to turn away, and received the scratch on his forehead. He said he could see a Malay Pocong hopping around in the distance.

Call us weird, but we didn’t see anything, and I think my teacher was damn lucky as the Pontianak reach for his head, not his balls.

Anyway, I heard rumors there was a Malay cemetery deep withing MacRitchie Reservoir, can anyone confirm this?

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