Pontianak At Pandan Gardens

I heard this story from my friend who lives in Pandan Gardens. One evening, with her husband, they strolled around the neighborhood and they chanced on a peculiar scene, a ‘couple’ seated on a stone bench. What’s peculiar is that the ‘boyfriend’ is seated at one side of the bench and the ‘girlfriend’ is at the other end. The typical stone bench usually seats 3 people so why are they apart?

My friend, being the blunt person, remarked loudly, ‘why is this couple acting weird?’ Her husband hushed and urged her to walk faster. Its then she realised the ‘boyfriend’ is just someone minding his own business, while the ‘girlfriend’ is smiling silly, dressed in all white, long unconditioned hair, pale skin and the face? It’s like the face is there but its blur! She felt her unnatural stoney stare on her as she walk past her. (its a pontianak if you still don’t get it)

Later when they were home, my friend’s mom noticed something is amiss and asked her why did she go and disturb other people… and suddenly the girl in white fell from the ceiling to the floor and it shocked the heck outta everyone. My friend fainted, and then for months she couldn’t eat at all. My friend is slender and she still manages to lose 18kg.

Thought everything was well after cleansing by the bomoh, but no. Months later, as she was going down the stairs, she saw the white lady seated on steps. How do i say it? My friend is on the higher steps, and the white lady is seated on the lower steps, but the white lady is on the same head level with her! The lady in white called her name, my friend refused to look at her and ran off. She end up vomiting through the night. Up till today, the being continues to haunt her household.

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