The Highway

After reading the supernatural experiences of other motorists travelling on Malaysia’s vast expressway network, I felt a sense of obligation to add on to the collection. So here goes my own first-hand account…

Around two years ago(2011) on the eve of the Chinese New Year( can’t exactly recall the date, but I believe it was a Thursday), my parents decided to drive the entire family, which consists of me and my elder sister, to my second uncle’s home in the town of Kota Bahru for the annual reunion dinner. We left the Woodlands Checkpoint at about 9 AM but due to occasional toilet breaks and the need to refuel our car, we finally reached the D227 highway shortly after 10 PM. If you’re wondering why I specify this stretch of highway in particular, that’s because this was the location where things got really, really spooky.

Anyway, we were cruising down this desolate stretch of road shortly after making a turn around a corner, when my dad suddenly stepped on the brakes and made us woke up with a start. He asked us if we had seen a white object flew over our car, but as we were sleeping at just prior to that, we didn’t spot anything. My dad then dismissed it as a figment of his imagination( he has been driving for 5 hours on end) and continued on. Barely 10 minutes later, we passed a black Mazda which did something inexplicable: it flashed its headlights at us while passing by us. Thinking that the driver of the Mazda might be warning us of a speed trap up ahead, my dad reduced the car’s speed. That was when the unthinkable happened.

A white object, which I was certain was the same thing my dad has described just earlier, whizzed over our car out of nowhere,  startling us. It was at this point in time that my sister scream out of sheer shock. The ‘thing’, as if it has heard her screams, snapped its head back to look at us in response. Goodness, its appearance looked so hideous, I’m still having the shivers while typing this submission. Its face was half-decomposed, its eyes have no pupils, only whites, and it was wearing a soiled white rag which hid its feet( although coming to think of it, it probably has none in the first place). To top it off, it was bearing its fangs at us!

The next thing I knew, the pontianak ( isn’t it obvious?) landed on the expressway, trying to force my dad into stopping the car. My dad was extremely hesitant about driving headlong into the pontianak, since it might end up inside the car instead, but my mum’s shouts spurred him on. He crashed into the hantu, expecting it to fly through the windshield, but it simply vanished into thin air. In fact, when we stepped out of the car, we couldn’t find any trace of the pontianak.There was absolutely nothing on the road, and neither could we find a scratch on the car.

Nonetheless, our ordeal was not over yet. Shortly after the shakened us drove away from the scene, not sure if it had just been a mass hallucination or something, we encountered the hantu again! It was perched atop a tree by the side of the road, leering at us, and we quickly sped off towards my uncle’s house. Despite been frightened by all these strange sightings, we did not divulge our experiences with our relatives until the last day of the Chinese New Year holidays. For the sake of maintaining the festive and cheerful atmosphere.

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