A School Horror

Things that are not scientifically proven is usually less supported by the government body eventhough they may knew that something strange is happening. Well, i’m not going to name the school, all i could says is the secondary school is situated in the east of our island.

The horror begins with 4 school boys returning to the school late at night for preparing their coming exam papers. The 4 school boys than realised that they have more than just school works to do after midnight. They recalled having told by the school’s teacher that there is a locked ladies washroom on the top floor of their school building and that the reason of not in service is because of some faulty plumbing works not been rectified. All the students in the school including these 4 boys were warned by the school not to explore or use the locked washroom at all. Unfortunately, this type of warning which may comes with abit of spices behind would usually worked less effective to a bunch of mischevious teenage boys like these 4. Why would the school not doing anything to get the simple defect fixed? They suspect that there was something strange behind the closed door and it could be probably more than what they were told. They want to know the truth and they want to find out themselves tonight.  

They packed their bag and start walking up the stairs to the top floor. When they reached the top floor, they can feel a chilling cold wind within that locked washroom. I don’t know how but with some forces and determination, they just managed to make their way into the washroom. Inside the washroom, everything looked as fine, clean and dry floor. The boys than went to check out the closed but unlocked cubicle one by one. Just when they unexpectedly pushed open one of the closed door, shockingly they saw a long hair woman dressed in all red hung herself on the rope from the ceiling inside the cubicle. That was really a very terrifying scene. They quickly rushed out of the washroom and dashed straight out to the school. They ran to a nearby block just next to the school. The next shocking thing is, when they looked back, they saw the woman in red stands outside the school gate waving at them. They have found the truth but have also get themselves one step closer to trouble.

Ken is one of the son of our temple’s supporter in the boys. Ken has been helping our temple to several events and he knew that he have to do something to the woman in red before anything nasty happened to them. He suggested to make some simple offering to the offended soul so as to ask for forgiveness. All the shops nearby has closed so he suggests to get some offering stuffs from one of the boy’s home nearby. They then went back to the scene and make their offering outside the school gate hoping that the soul would leave them alone for their ignorance.

They then head back home hoping that everything would be fine when the next sun rises. Never did they know that the nightmare was just begins.

Many Chinese believe that a dead person dressed in all red is possessed with full of resentment and hatred. They are untouchable. However, most of the time, they will only identify their subject and would usually leave the other alone.

Ken live with his parents and a teenage sister in the East. Ken expect nothing would happen to them since they have been made offer to the spirit outside the school. At home, Ken was too exhausted to share the story with his sister before he go to bed. On the other hand, his sister started to hear crying voices in their home. That night, Ken’s parents also experience soft but audible voices surrounding their home. Pressed by his parents, Ken confessed and revealed the whole incident. Knowing that the spirit was dressed in red, Ken parents sensed that the matter have to be solved immediately. An urgent session to our temple was arranged and all the helpers were activated just the next night.

That night, dee ya pek was appointed to handle the case. We were told that the spirit was now situated inside Ken’s home. She was asking for something. We were asked to make a trip to Ken’s home with plenty of offering products. We don’t know what she want but what do you think a wandering spirit can ask for?

That night, dee ya pek working altar is placed just infront of a Guan Yin altar in Ken’s home. Dee ya pek seats with his back facing the main entrance. This moved is to symbolise that all uninvited guests are not welcome in this home. The guest i’m refering here is of course the spirit in red. We start the offering ritual while dee ya use his 5 generals to escort the wanted spirit to the scene. The place there fallen into a unusual silence eventhough we have more than a dozen of helpers there. We were told that the spirit refused to talk eventhough she is just around us. She refused to negotiate. So dee ya pek ask Ken to seat on a cleansed chair beside his altar. This is to allow the spirit to possess onto Ken’s body to negotiate. Why dee ya pek allowed the spirit to possess on Ken is because dee ya wants her to speak her mind and if only dee ya knows her resentment or wishes than only we can be sure that the boys would be safe. Again, she refuse to make any move. Dee ya pek than order Ken to move the chair outside the home and away from the altar so as to give her an assurance of immunity. This time, there is some reaction from Ken. The spirit tried to possess on Ken but failed. After several attempts, she still cannot managed to possess fully onto Ken’s body and was unable to speak through Ken.

The next thing we know was, we were asked to pack up and go back. We found out later that the spirit is in the good hands of dee ya pek. He has captured her and will bring her down to the underworld. We were told that this was her wish, she wish to leave here after so many years of being a wandering spirit. She can’t get into the gate of hell because of her red dresses.

As for Ken, the trouble was all because of his mischevious. So dee ya pek punished him by using his body to be used for the spirit to possess. This is also an assurance to the spirit since she can now hold Ken in hostage. Ken ‘sin gu’ is now opened. Dee ya says, he is now a future kee tong.

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