Mass Possession

In 1996, there was an incident about students in a secondary school near my house that got possessed. The students were running about around the concourse, some tried to kill themselves or the teachers. This happened only around 4 to 5 pm where the school is only educating the afternoon session students at that time. Most of them that went hysterical were females. One of the victims is my sister. It was reported by her friends that she went hysterical in class, her eyes turned green and start throwing the chairs to her classmates in class.

The bizarre event took place also for the next few days and then there was one time where the principal officially declared the school to have 3 days school holiday. Ambulances, police and different priests were called to investigate and get rid of this ghostly things. My sister who were in the school then decided to go for a religious treatment. Although she was healed from the spirit from school, she is now able to hear, talk and communicate with spirits or ghosts. Sometimes she does not realise that she attracted ghosts. So our family had many more ghostly experiences ever since then. There would be 4 to 5 ghosts disturbing us every year no matter where we live. Even so now, Sengkang, we have already encountered around 8 ghosts and some strange incidents.

We have learnt to adapt to it though sometimes we seek treatment when it gets out of hand. Most of the time, more ghosts disturbed my sister than they disturb me. My mom tried to still be brave while my dad…still refused to believe that there are ghosts around my house.

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