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There is alot of ghost stories about my school. It’s a 23 yr old building that used to belong to some other people. I’m not going to say my sch’s name, but i can say tat its @ Jurong. Somewhere deep inside of Jurong, near the factories. Let me start the story. It’s told by one of my teachers who used to be a student in the sch. She told us lotz of stories but this had a great impact on me, but the whole class was also affected by it as well. That was during our orientation camp, when we had a little time b4 we slept. It is the true stroy……….believe me. She used to be a lazy student & always come to the sch early to copy homework. This day, she came extremely early to sch. She arrived @ about 5.30pm that day & was walking across the prodrangal & she came to the shades by the garden. She saw a boy wearing track shoes & according to the sch rulz, no sports shoes r allowed on weekdays. So acting a gd student, she went over & tapped his sholder & told him that sport shoes r not allowed. When he turned over …………….Whhhhhhhaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The persorn has no facial features! It’s juz a shiny face with hair growing on it! She scared till her face turned white & she was rooted to the ground! She cried & clozed her eyes. Her cries alerted some of her frenz & they came over to console her. From then on, she always came over with frenz.

There is also an origin for this incident. When the building is still belonging to sch A( the previous owner ), 2 girls were doing their ceramic project in the Ceramics Rm. They were very gd frenz but something happened between them. One wanted it to be glossy & the other wanted it to be coarse. So they had a quarrel & the 1 who wanted it to be glossy pushed the other persorn’s face into the oven & she struggled & died like that.

From then on, there rumoured a ghost & some pple saw the ghost…… That includes my another teacher, who was the chairpersorn of the Choir. Once they had a campfire. But b4 the campfire, a heavy rain wetted all the matches. He was living near the sch & knew where he could get the matches. He ran out there & got the matches & ran back quickly. But on the way back, he saw someone in sch uniform & looked back…………………………Whhhhhhhaaaaaaaaa! Again this faceless ghost appeared! He was scared till his face turned white. They kept it among the committee & sent everyone to sleep after the campfire. They lit up charcoal fires by the Aduitorium of the sch to keep away the ghost. Since so many saw the ghost, it should be true, but is it? U think yourself.

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