Camping In BBSS

This is a true story which most is told to me, the rest are saw by me. Well about one year ago , ncc(sea) and ncc(land) are still over night at school because they have to draw M16 rife for the national day GOH. Been excited, we are unable to sleep. Then as i was the oldest that time, i began to tell ghost stories that i have heard about the school. Then one of them actually dare them. Then he and his four friends go to the basketball court and chat, suddenly the 3 of them saw a figure inside the old staff room toilet and it has the light switch on!!! Then feeling scare, they walk back, but keeping their cool to prove that they are brave.

Then we began to play cards. While we are playing the cards, the 3 of them suddenly saw the figure again. This time, they can see that it is a female. But feeling strange, cause there should not be any female around and no one can go to the 3rd floor unless he is a spider man ….Then one of them keep on wining the game with the same set of cards. This is my another story, well 2 years ago, we have a camp for the new coming ncc(land) members, then we also dare them. We walk in a group to the most haunted place in school (tech blk), arm with baret, we walk around the school claming that nothing is wrong with the school. Then the second time, fewer people go for another walk, and they have forgotten to bring their baret.

At the tech blk, they heard the machine working [(which is the lost hand story)up to now when u walk pass the school, u can see the lab with lights on and hear the machine working]. Then, they went to concord and say that there is nothing ……This time they saw three figures, they immediately rush up to the classroom. when they pass the toilet, they hear sounds that is impossible to be made by any human beings. Then it suddenly rains, and i can hear cats meowing even thou there is no cats around at that time . These story below is told by the B.B: Well, there is a camp in the seventh month, they are playing catching. Then, when some of the guy walk pass the hall, they look at the front gate, they saw a lot of beings walking out of the gate and there is none of them in the school !!!

Then the next day, they open the hall opening (which is just below the stage) to be a goalpost. They had their soccer game there. When there is a goal , a group of them go inside to look for the ball but none came out, then the rest of them rush inside to see what happen, they saw their friends faint inside and also saw a skeleton!!! These story at told by the scouts: There is a camp in bbss. They play a stupid game which need them to look for their name in the tech blk. They are armed with a white candle only, and only allow to walk in pairs. Then one of them walk in threes and the middle man saw a female with long finger nails smiling at him as like she is thinking : “Hehe, my dinner is here!!” He got into high fever and we heard that before him, there was another guy who saw the same thing .

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