Banana Tree Ghost

This is one ghost story that many hard to believe..but believe is real..simply spooky.. I still remember that the event is during my sec 3 camp at a camp near Choa Chu Kang…The place is quite spooky around the road to the camp..I thought that Singapore would have no more grassfield anymore…anyway this is not the point..

During the 1st night, all of us have a night walk along the forest..It was very dark and the temperature is of my friend saw a banana tree..The banana seem ripe..My friend suggested plucking some bananas for us..Suddenly, the captain of my group shouted at us..He was a malay boy who we don’t like at all..He warn us of a pontianak..Unfortunately it was too late..My friend was suddenly attacked by an owl. Luckily for my friend, his injuries is mild..

The same night while inside the tent..all of us were sleeping. Suddenly, my friend shouted, “Bananas!!” and we woke up..He told us that he dreamt of a banana chasing him and suddenly his penis was wrapped with banana skin..As we don’t want to scare him and let him sleep peacefully, one of my friend suggested that maybe he never PCC* that’s why he dream of banana which is actually his penis…

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