I dedicate this story to my long deceased friend, Ridzuan who is my schoolmate from primary school..where ever you are now, god be with you.

Ridzuan and I had been best of pals since primary 1 and we will be the only 2 brats getting a spanking from the principal. One day, Ridzuan’s mom came to school weeping and my teacher told me that Ridzuan will be no more coming to school…He had pass away because of high fever. I could not believe it, we have so much dreams to strive for and so many things to do…We intend to be the superheros together with Superman, and also the rich men of Monopoly, even though the notes were just papers.

Before he pass away, we both spend sometimes catching spiders and butterflies at the open field near our school. The lalangs were tall and thick, we will play hide and seek sometimes or set ambush for unauthorized people who come and invade our territory. The open field were divided by old housing and forested areas, and not far in the forest, there is a small hut and we were told by the elders not to go near the hut at all. But days goes by, we forget the elders warnings and we just went into the forest and approached the hut.

The sun begun to set and wind starts to blew the trees, leaves rattle as we entered the prohibited area. I was feeling scare but Ridzuan was too excited to explore new places, the hut seem abandoned and there was nobody there. Suddenly we saw a lady just walk past the window, we could not make up who is it. Ridzuan saw a blanket wrapped as if there is a baby cuddling inside of it. We pity the little thing but I was afraid to go near the little infant but Ridzuan! was the brave one, he just walked towards the blanket and about to carry it up. When suddenly he came face to face with the lady at the window, her long hair covered her face and she was wearing all white. I was stunned and cannot do anything at all, Ridzuan starts to weep and the blanket that he got in his hand just dropped. I thought the baby was a goner but turned out that underneath the blanket, was a…Grave Stone. The lady let out a eerie laughter, I regain my strength and pull Ridzuan out of there and out of the forest.

Since then, Ridzuan will be looking pale at school and seldom eat, even he don’t want to go out after school. He kept telling me that the lady is there looking at him, but I just tell him to knock it off because we did not intend to disturb him at all.

Ridzuan will gripped my arms each time we walked back home, and he would screamed out loud all of a sudden as if he was seeing something scary. This had been going for the past few weeks before he died. He keep saying that the lady was following him and appeared in his dreams carrying the grave stone saying that she gonna to get him. He would cry alone and my teachers was getting worry about him, and even one day as the students take out our assessments..Ridzuan scream and run out of the class. The teachers checked on him and returned back to the class together. The teacher took a blanket and inside was sand, she warned the students not to play this kind of pranks but I remember that it was the same blanket we saw at the hut. And at that point of time, Ridzuan was looking straight at me and in his eyes, I could see tears and he really wants me to help. I don’t know what should I do, and all I could do was to accompany Ridzuan where ever he go. After a few weeks later, Ridzuan was gone.

To all out there, we will never know what lies in places where we are new to, just remember to give your respect and always be reminded to listen to the elders…Like me, I lost a good friend who maybe now can live his life to the fullest..This place I was talking abt is Chong Shan Primary School which already been placed by Teck Ghee Primary School. Facing the school is a MRT Control Station. Before it was built…the places were forested area.

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