School Ghost Stories

I am from AISS. I heard this story from my best friend who used to be in NPCC. There are 4 stairwells are the corners of the the old block which was where the homerooms of the seniors are located. Normally the bottom of the stairwells are very dark cos the tinted windows of the stairwell let in very little light. Furthermore the semi spiral staircase blocks light from the fluorescent lamp also thus from the foot of the stairwell, it looks really dark and eerie.

Of all the stairwells, one stood out being different. Normally the school cleaners will place stores or some CCAs would use the space to store some of their barang barang. But no… this particular was different. Bare except for a metal cupboard. It looks ordinary like the 2 door hinged type which you might typically see your teacher using in class. We didn’t know what it contains inside but nobody would say anything and it was never opened in any circumstances. No warning.

Don’t ask don’t tell…

The truth was that, inside there was nothing but an incense urn that was placed at the bottom of the cupboard. A schoolgirl long before my time commited suicide in school and she lingered around, Someone would open the cupboard on the anniversary of her death and light incense for her. Apparently she was a vengeful spirit even though she doesn’t go around seeking people. A case of the river water not mixing with water from the well. Until one day someone went to provoke her and paid the price.

This person who brought trouble on herself lets call her Abigail. Abigail heard this story pretty like how you heard this story, via word of mouth. Abigail was spooked like the rest but she was different in a way. Unlike most people in that gathering who soon let the story pass, she went to search for the cupboard. It wasn’t hard to find it. She purposely chose a time when much people weren’t around so people won’t mistake her for a ranting lunatic.

She realised that the cupboard wasn’t locked and realised what the storyteller said was true. There was indeed an incense urn at the bottom. As she stared at the peculiar incense urn, she felt someone peering at her. But she wasn’t afraid to say the least. She started to speak to the urn and berate it.

“Why were you so stupid to commit suicide?” etc. The words she spoke wasn’t much for the purpose of taunting but more gungho, towards a lecture. However whoever was listening snapped when Abigail paused for a chuckle. The doors of the cupboard which were ajar, started slamming onto the cupboard. Bam…bam…bam, repeatedly. It created quite a ruckus. Abigail who has never quite seen such happenings before, made a run for it. Obviously, the sceptic and champion within her fled.

And things started to go downhill for Abigail. She fell seriously ill for no reason and was soon in a coma at the ICU. The doctors registered low blood pressure, erratic heart rate etc. But why did all these suddenly surface for no apparent reason out fo the blue? Nobody knew. Abigail emerged from her coma briefly and regained consciously. It wasn’t the serene and gradual scene that you are used to seeing on TV. She was throttling furiously and she kept whimpering.. “i can’t see anything! Please get off me…please!” And as briefly as consciousness came, swiftly consciousness departed and she soon lapsed back into coma again.

The schoolgirl had followed Abigail to the hospital. She was actually sitting on top of Abigail and covering her eyes with her own palms. And through the random whimperings, Abigail’s parents discovered the source of the weird happening. The cupboard.

Abigail’s parents didn’t consult a medium for reasons that are unknown to me. However, her mother visited to cupboard to offer some incense in the hope of appeasing the dead schoolgirl. She apologised profusely and attempted offer incense. The incense sticks curled over dramatically and broke moments after they were inserted. The mum started crying for she knew that the schoolgirl had rejected her and began to plead for her daughters on knees. Then blood started to stream out of the urn and the poor lady fainted.

The schoolgirl never forgave. Abigail passed away a week later. She never regained consciousness…

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