The White Figure

I was an active scout when i was in high school and even after leaving high school,my batch of commitee members would still go back and coach those juniors on behalf of our scoutmaster(old man more energy). A few days before training camp,we arrived and started making preparations with the help of the senior high school scouts. Everything went well with the preparations and equipments were double checked before we decided to have a small “party” in class..

As far as i know..there is no way that we can have a hotpot in class while we were in high school so we decided on having one in one of our old classrooms nearby the campsite. We were happily eating and having a few beers when all the sudden i saw a white image standing in front of the class room door as if it is watching us from the outside. At first i dismiss the thought of seeing a ghost and thinking that maybe one of the guys were still double checking on the inventory. Then it came to my mind that all of us are in the classroom and that no one is missing..   

I quickly whispered to my ex troop leader and best friend,” wei..i saw something funny”..He replied me jokingly that i shouldn’t make these kind of jokes during the middle of the night especially in an old school with rich historical background (my school was founded in 1927).

I then pulled him away from the group of commitees which are still laughing at the plans that they have for the juniors and tell him seriously that i did saw something. He then pulled me to the campsite and brought some incense and a few mandarin oranges which he brought from home,as a precaution.

I quickly paid my respects to all 4 sides of the campsite and hope that whatever i saw will not bother any of my members and me anymore. Before we left, my ex troop leader,quickly lit a cigarette and placed it where i left the mandarin oranges..saying “maybe all “it” wants is a smoke?”

However, after the hot pot session, most of us retire to our tents and a handful of 5 senior high school members were out for patrol for security sake. And by 5 am, they came running towards us saying that there’s something weird in one of the classrooms in the neighbouring block.

All of us armed ourselves with nothing more than a flashlight and maybe a few security sticks ran towards the “suspecious” classroom and found out that all the tables and chairs are stacked up right to the ceiling..there is no one else present in the school but us,scouts and it would certainly took at least 4 guys and a couple of hours to stack all the tables and chairs right up to the ceiling!!

We ran towards the guard house and ask whether anyone else entered the school premises but the guard said that no one is inside the school but us.He then told us that maybe it is those spirits of students that died during the japanese occupation that is behind all this. He then told us that it is normal for the tables to be stacked right through the ceiling and he claimed that it would be normal before dawn.

He ensure us that everything is alright as long as we don’t offend them by swearing out loud and not talk about sex in the toilet near the campsite as there’s a case where a female student was raped and murdered in one of the cubicles..

We were all spooked out that we decided to cancel the whole training camp!

In the end..we decided to let the district rovers to take over any training camps that involves our own school..

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