Abandoned School

My friend and I went to an abandoned school after school ends. And we have to collect all 10 pages. Its actually a daring bet game to go to the abandon school to play it.
We decided to spit up to look for the pages faster before something bad happen to us.
As we had spited up, I heard a loud scream and suddenly feel a coldness on my shoulder!!! I started to panic ??and suddenly theres this men in a suit that is right in front of me! It has a white face with no eyes and its skinny and tall. I scream and ran! And hit a wall by accident while I was running. Birds flying around my head but then as I look back, his still there and I ran again to look for Kate. The way I ran is like my 2 hands were up in the air lol.
Can’t find my friend Kate. Took hours… to find her.
Then I started crying saying I wanna go home ??
Finally I found her at the side of the corridor. But she was acting all weird! I tap her and she was cutting herself. D: I ask why are u doing that? She looks at me with an evil stare ?? She said he would love blood. (In a creepy way) Muhahahahhah! I shouted at her and said snap out of it then slap her hard!

Then Kate said wanna play a game? She said it in a creepy tone in her voice. Let’s play hide and seek! READY GO!!!! She ran like super sonic before I can say something.

So and so I went to go find her again. This time there was a strong thunder storm! Making a even scary effect to the place we were in.

There were broken glasses on the floor. Widows moving back and forward giving a squirky sound, doors too! There were scratch marks on the door like a werewolf claw marks! And blood stains all over the wall.

My flashlight is almost out of batt! And it’s freaky. Keeps on turning on and off…. Plus it’s super dark! Couldn’t see anything without my flash light.. I started shouting! Kate where the hell are u?! I said in a panic way! I look back and he was there…. The man in the suit! I ran like a hamster trying to hide from him. As I was running my flash light went out! D: I couldn’t see a think at all! It was peach black!

I saw a bathroom while running with flicking lighting. I went in and hide in one of the cubicle. Saw his leg below it! He was standing right in front of my cubicle door!?? I started crying and pray to God!??

A few minutes later, he disappeared. And I open out the cubicle door. And slowly have a quick peek if he was still around.

The close is clear and shockingly, I saw Kate’s next to my cubicle I was in. It was shut but I hear no movement inside. I shouted Kate is that u???!!! No respond of her…. So I kick down the cubicle door and what I found is most shocking!!!!!!

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