Mysterious Woman

I would like to share an experience told by my sister to me. This experience had also got me once. This creepy thing happen in my school located at Eunos. This school is a private school. It’s in one building together with a small cafe. So one day, my friend, Cindy and Lily were eating in school. They ate packed food from the cafe. Our class usually goes on from 9 am to 11.30 pm. This thing happened last year. During break time at 11.30 pm, Cindy and Lily already bought their food so they eat in school. In school, there are a small table located in front of the class. That table will usually be used for students to have their meals. Sometimes certain students would go to the nearest 7 11 or the cafe to have their meals.

So back to the story, when Cindy and Lily were eating,they saw a woman coming into the school toilet. Our school is a school where usually different kind of strangers would always come there just to go to the toilets. So usually before anyone could go to the toilet, they have to pass by the small table like I said earlier. So after Cindy and Lily finished eating, they throw all the rubbish and come to the toilet to wash their hand. But Cindy realized the lady earlier who entered the toilet hasn’t come out of the toilet as the lights were still on and the door were still closed tightly. It have been nearly 15-30 minutes. At 12 pm, one of the teacher, Mr Ali, came to school. Cindy told Mr Ali about the lady who came inside the toilet for a long time and hasn’t come out yet.

Mr Ali then tried knocking the door a few times but no one answered. They were all curious about who is in the toilet. After a few tries, Mr Ali finally tried opening the door slowly just to check that the lady was gone! There were no signs of anyone in there. The toilet were empty. But Cindy said she was very certain that she heard the tap water was on and off. But how could it be possible if no one were inside, right? On the day this thing happen, i wasn’t yet registered to the school. I came in July and this happens in May last year. And on the same day this happens, my sister were absent from school and she only knows about this the next day.

I also had the same experience with Cindy where this time I didn’t see anyone going inside the toilet but the lights were on and the door were shut tightly. Everyone were waiting outside to wash their hands after eating. After a long wait, my friend knocked on the door and no one answered. She then tries opening the door just to discover that the toilet were empty the whole time and I’m very sure I heard the sound of the tap running!

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