Ai Tong School

Hey everybody, I’ve read many stories and even cried because it was so scary. I’ve read some comments in another story and some stated that why Ai Tong School didn’t have any ghost related stories. Well, I’ve just graduated from Ai Tong School last year.

Now, I’m going to tell you what had happened during some of the years when I’m in Ai Tong. When I was just a Primary 1 or you could say just 7 years old, my classroom was allocated at a corner of the school. It was near the side gate.

All I could say that that is the scariest part of Ai Tong School’s compound. I’m referring to my classroom. It was during lessons when I suddenly needed to use the bathroom. I told my friend to go with me but they refused to. So I had no choice but to just head to the toilet all by myself. The toilet was just right beside my classroom. I walked towards the toilet and opened the door.

A sudden huge scary feeling overwhelmed the whole atmosphere. It wasn’t because of me being scared, it was really sudden. I walked in bravely, I stood in front of a basin. And asked, ” are there anybody ?”, the reply I got was moans. I was petrified. I rooted to the ground and asked again, still, it was just moans. My heart was skipping so fast that I felt I could just faint at any time then. The toilet cubicles were closed. To see if there was anybody in the toilet, I pushed each door after each. It turned out that NOBODY was there. And I’m sure that no one was out playing a prank, because I don’t think a student could ever mimic that moan. I was terrified and ran out of the toilet with all my might. Luckily, I got back to class safely. Compared to other ghost stories, this is might just a cake, but in factuality a P1 student could be more terrified than anything that had once terrified her in her whole life then.

This is not the end. It wasn’t. When I was Primary 5, 11 years old. For some reasons, my Higher Chinese classroom was changed to my P1 classroom for 2 days. Memories of the creepy past flashed into my mind. I didn’t bother much, because I thought nothing like this would ever happen to me again. I was wrong. After school, we had supplementary class. As per usual, before our supplementary classes we will have lunch at the canteen. Well, at that time I realized that I left my water bottle underneath the desk I sat at and I was not going back to that class after that day’s Higher Chinese lesson. So I decided to head back to that classroom to retrieve my bottle. I ran all the way back to that classroom all by myself. In each classrooms, there would be two doors, the back door and the front door. I was a few steps away from the back door when I saw 2 silhouettes entering from the front door. I thought that some uncle auntie which are the cleaners, entered that classroom. I didn’t bother much. I walked into the classroom towards the desk. I bent down and grabbed my water bottle. I straightened my back and scanned through the class. Nobody and by NOBODY I really meant NOBODY entered the classroom. I was super scared, I quickly ran out of the classroom towards the canteen. I wanted to scream, but I saw a group of students studying with their teachers. I wouldn’t want the teacher to call me out for screaming when my day was so bad. I was petrified. I told my friends. Some believed, some didn’t. Some said my eyes played tricks on me, but I don’t think so. Because they’d never experience the terror from a same particular location twice. I just pray that new students and future generations of Ai Tong School would not be haunted by them. This maybe small happenings but if it’d happened to you, I guess you might have react the same way. I’m just a child then, you can’t expect me to have all the guts.

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