An Unattended Bed

Hi all. Something to share during my ns days. I was enlisted at the old Jalan Bahar Camp (now converted to students hostel and sheng shiong supermarket).

My building was until 10th floor but was shut down 3rd floor onwards due to untold stories. After everything was done, our platoon sergent brought us all to our respective bunk and asked us to choose the bed. There were 7 of us. One of my bunk mate, A, choose this particular bed at one corner, my sergent told us not to choose that bed! it was located quite far from the rest of the beds. The bed was rusty and unattended. A asked why and my sergent didn’t say anything except saying to just keep off that bed. Then 2 months of BMT passed, strange things began to happen at night. Sounds from the bunk. from the kitchen. toilet suddenly flushing, sounds from rubbish chute, parade square got people shout at 3am, sounds of woman singing old malay songs at SOC, dragging of tables and chairs at 4th floor. 4th floor was shut down, where got people? What I remembered clearly was.. there’s a cracking sound of metal bed in my bunk. Maybe it was my imagination, maybe wasn’t. We just ignore. But every night there’s cracking sound of metalbed, as if someone was restless can’t sleep. Then one night I and my buddy ,A, was chit chatting as usual and we heard loud crackling noises. We sourced the sound and it was from the empty bed! We quickly closed our eyes and force to sleep.

On the next day, we asked our sergent regarding the empty bed. Then he told us that few years back, a recruit committed sucide on that same bed. Hung himself directally above the bed. They had tried to remove the bed but whenever they tried, something bad happened. So, in the end, they just left the bed there unattended. He told us to ignore if noises were heard at night at that bed. Just do not distrub and everything will be fine. Since that day, after lights off at 10pm, no more chit chatting. Now I’m married and with 3 kids. Just to share what I’ve remembered clearly.. To the new tenant of the Student’s Hostel.. just take care of yourself… the building unit is still there!

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