Ang Mo Kio Blk 214

I have never ‘see’ a ghost before but there was one time, when i was still young in primary school days I went out for movie with mum and brother and i was like not happy (forgot reason liaoz) and walking very slowly behind them. I was walking with head low and then walked passed this path, suddenly ‘glanced’ got a bench, with a lady wearing white sitting on it….(knew it was a lady because cos long hair)

After walked pass the place, I suddenly looked up because i have been walking that path for years and didn’t know there is a bench there then I turned my head back and saw nothing!! From that second onwards, when i in bad mood, i will always try to walk in front already! That happened when I was around primary 3 or 4 and was in ANG MO KIO.

Another story from my good friend. She was staying high floor, and also in Ang Mo Kio. Opposite her unit, there’s this empty unit, which she always can see one or two hands ‘hanging’ at the window panes of that empty unit. some times even wave to her (she stayed there since young so confirm + chop that the unit is empty) At first she was very scared but after some time, she felt ok already and I remembered every time i went to her house, i will sure stand there to look for it but always cannot see. den she told me, “Ai ya, you cannot see it one la…. only me and my mother can see.”

That’s all for now, will share more next time!

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