Bukit Merah Blk 18

Just to share 1 of the many sightings from my own experience. This happen abt 6 yrs ago. It happened at abt 12am I was walking down the stairs I stay 8th floor lift on the 10 so got to walk down. While walking down the stairs I felt someone following me, so I stop a few time on that few flight of stairs, so did my “stalker”. My neighbour a single lady met a stalker a few days ago also.

I felt uneasy but at that time but I had my discman on blasting loudly and felt a bit comforted. So I ignored the feeling and continue to go down, then I heard sound of people clapping behind that was when my hair stand!!!!! Cos there is no way I can hear anything with that kind of volume.

By then I was left with a few steps to go so I just jump off the steps and ran all the way home cos my unit was towards the end of the corridor.

Upon reaching my door I still felt the presence following me but not so near. I was shaking and could not open the door so I banged on the door hard and my mum opened and ask what happen, i just mumble something and rush in to the safe grounds of my home and while I was walking towards my room, my mum was also walking back to her room which was facing my room window I told her what happen exactly.

The creepy thing is that just when I finish my sentence, my mum said she just saw a dark figure dashing out of my room window from the corner of her eye.. I’m still staying in the same house but thank god nothing much has happen ever since.

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