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This happened right in my house at where I am sitting at now. When everyone at home were asleep last night, I was blog browsing for interesting entries to read. On the right of my laptop now is the altar where the deities and my great-grandparents are being placed at and there is nothing on my left except a few meters away which is the window. Living in a common 4-room flat, the doors of 2 of the rooms are somewhere near to the altar and the other door is in the kitchen to make way for the altar.

I was blog browsing and suddenly I started hearing voices of someone (male) on my right and it seems that whoever the voice belongs to is quarreling with someone else. Thinking that it could be my grandparents, I started listening carefully to the voice and tried to make out what he was saying.

After trying for a couple of seconds or perhaps 1 minute, I gave up and try to locate the source of the sound. I went into my room first because I thought it could be my brother who was speaking in his dreams but silent. He was sleeping soundly. Then I decided to enter my grandparents’ room. I opened the door slowly and what invited me were snores. I began to sweat. My god, where did the sound come from? I kept wondering and decided it was time to sleep and quickly shut down my laptop, switched off the lights and hurried into my room, onto my bed.

The funny thing is after I checked both my room and my grandparents’ room, I did not hear the voice anymore. This really gives me the goosebumps. To top it all, this is not the first time something like that happened to me but luckily the last is a couple of years back. I am trying to console myself that it is my great-grandfather trying to get me to go to bed or my deities feeling that it is too late for me to be awake. Whatever or whoever he/it is, succeeded in hurrying me to bed.

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