Bukit Batok West Avenue 6 Blk 134

I’m going to tell you my ghost stories. I moved to Bukit Batok about 7 yrs back with my parents and my doggies. All of us have a habit of turning on the air-con every night. My 2 doggies sleep with my parents and I sleep alone. So one fine night we did the same thing, close the door, turn on air-con and sleep. I sleep until midnight, not too sure what time, I heard scratching sound on my door I thought I was in a dream, so I didn’t really bother. But the same things go on for a few nights…until got one night…I really cannot stand it anymore, I go and open my room door..and I saw a black shadow with hair all over.

Another incident my puppy was scratching my door because my parents never turn on the air-con for that few nights (which I along assume they does), so they did not close the door, my puppy that my dog with long thick coat cannot take the heat and come scratch my door (he can feel the chill from the gap of my door), hoping that I would let him to come in, but to his disappointment, his timid owner dare not to open my door until a few nights later ..

Ok..enough of the funny “ghost story”, talk about serious matter…

The unit right above me has already changed to the 3rd owner ever since I move it 7 years back, when I moved in for about a year, the maid from the unit fell down and she is dead. Soon after the maid death, that family move out and never come back anymore. The unit was vacant. However, I still managed to hear sound from that unit at night. Strange enough, the sound would only appear at night, about 11pm to 1pm (my mum said she never hear any sound from above during daytime), and I can feel that the sound come right above me (my bed was IKEA type of double decker bed), it was some chair dragging sound here and there, as if within that room, til now I still suspect maybe that room was belongs to the maid…

To cut long story short, the flat sold cheaply to another couple after quite sometimes, maybe 6 months or more. Ever then I never hear those sound anymore. But the new family also stayed in this unit for less than a yr than move to somewhere else and never come back, and then the unit vacant for quite sometime again (but this time round, no more sound heard), and now the family who stay at that unit are the 3rd family. But ever since I know the 2nd owner quickly move out from the unit..I suspect there might be “something” inside.

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