Army Accident

This incident was related from my frd when he was serving National Service.

my frd together with his platoon were deployed to the field (forest)for an overnight training. Everyone were ordered to built tent for their overnight stay.

The men were busy setting up tents and the driver of the platton begin to park their truck in front of the tents.

Out of a sudden, someone was shouting “Ghost,ghost!!” That voice was coming from the truck. The officer in charge was rather pissed off and shouted to the driver to stop yelling.

However, just as the driver wanted to alight from the truck, the officer stopped him and decided to seat in. As soon as the officer got into the truck, his’ jaws almost dropped.

This is wad i heard…. the driver started to step on the accrelator causing the truck moving backwards. Remember the truck was parked in front of the tents? It hit the tents down causing every last men to rush out of the ground.

My frd who rushed to the driver and officer after the truck stopped moving to check if they are safe. The officer explained that it was an accident and ordered the entire platton to return back to their camp.

It was closed to midnight when the platton got back to their unit ground. Everyone were extremly curious of what

had happened. The officer started explaining that when he got into the truck, he saw a lady with black long hair was staring at him within 2m away. It took less than a min that the figuer started moving rapiding towards the truck. Apprently the officer wasn’t the only eye withess as the driver screamed and stepped the accelator to backoff.

The 2 man were too frightened to think wads gona happned until they heard a loud bang where the tents were hit. The lady figuer was now no where to seen finally allowing the 2 man to catch a breath.

The officer thought for the sake of the men decided to cancel the overnight training programme and returned to base.

After the officer finished relating of the incident, he suddendly felt more fear as he pondered how he’s gona write an accident report to his superiors. A ghost bump the truck!?

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