My Closest Encounter Ever

To some of you reading my story, you might think it is not possible. But, what I am going to tell you people out there, you might feel the same way whenever I tell the same story to my other friends… Freaky and hair-raising….

It is back during my BMT days in the late 2006. I was posted to ‘E’ company, and it was a 6-mth course because it was a company for obese recruits. I still remembered during the early 2007, the whole company went for a 5-days outfield instead of a 7-days.

I still clearly remembered that the encounter happened on the 2nd night, where all of us supposed to do a night training called ‘Listening Post’. It’s where you infiltrate your enemy’s circumference and listen for any intel. That very night, my platoon was brought to a big field and in front of us was the dark forest.

Imagine there is a semi circle of forest in front of you, and each section was deployed four different spots. Our task for that night was to find a spot with our buddy and listen to what our sergeants said when they are standing in the middle of the semi circle. So we all went into the forest and find our own spot, this includes myself and my buddy.

Because we have lots of training during the day and i was quite tired, so I sat on a breathing root of a tree. During the training, I felt someone tripped over and I turned over and look, there is no one. I didn’t care much and continued try to listen to what my sergeants are talking about, because otherwise we will get punished.

But when I was trying to concentrate, I heard rustling sounds from the ground, as if someone picks himself up after he falls down. Then that ‘someone’ seems to walk closer to me, and suddenly I felt a really cold chill down my spine. I turned my head slightly over my shoulder, and saw an old man with green light (something we see during a horror movie) standing right behind my back.

Then I did something really stupid.

I asked my buddy, who is sitting beside me, “Eh… Can you see an old man with green light standing behind me?” He replied, “Shhhh…. I know… can you stop talking about ‘it’?” The next moment, I was like, “S**t, why this kind of ‘heng’ stuff always happen to me, and so ‘heng’ this very time.” I was cursing and swearing in my heart, hoping ‘it’ to be gone. But no… ‘he’ actually walk closer and closer to me. Both of us were like praying hard for the training to be over. Then, we heard, “section 2!!! Come out~!!!”

Both of us ran like mad, and out to the open field. My buddy was scolding me for talking about it when ‘he’ is standing right behind me. My sergeant came over and asked my section what we have heard over their conversation. Guess what?? We failed the test and was asked to go back in again for a re-test. We like; “damn.. we have to go back again.”

This time we chose another spot, together with a friend who had ‘third’ eye. When we are back into the forest, my buddy and I look at the direction where we last been, and the old man is still there. We asked the other friend to take a look if he can see the old man. He turned and immediately turned back. He said that can see the old man but his time round the old man turned and faced our direction. The three of us were so freaking scared but at the same time trying to concentrate to what the sergeants are talking about to pass the test.

After that night, subsequently, my friend who has the ‘third’ eye saw more things like:

(1) a red spirit sitting on a tree branch which is above our Barshas.

(2)When he went for toilet break at night, ‘something’ bumped into him and he saw a black figure with a pair of eyes looking at him. Suddenly, the black figure went ‘poof’ as if it is smoke.

I have told this story to many of my friends and they think is really freaky. If this kind of incident happens to you right in your face, what would you do…….

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