Recruit Time In Khatib Camp

This happened in many years back when I was recalled for national service (NS) at Khatib Camp. We had 2 Platoons and my platoon alone comprises of about 40 people. Everyday, when it closed to 10pm, we were told to have the lights off and went to bed. However, there was one time that I could have drank too much water and needed to go for a urine. In the mid of during it, I heard a flashing in one of the cubicles. I was quite pissed off and wondered who was my platoon mate who did that and did not ask me to come along with him.

When I went to take a look, to my shocking, the door was banging just right infront of my face. There was no sight of human being at all. There was neither no wind nor opened windows that forced the door to close it by its own.,

Later, I heard a laughter which sounded very eerie. I dashed out of the toilet and went straight to the bed immediately.

Besides this one, there were many others which my platoon mates and myself had experienced ourselves. Close to midnight, the parade square often heard the boots sound seemed to be marching. Our bunks were just upstairs and we peeped downstairs. There was not a single soul at all. Not only that, when you are about to sleep, the knocking noise of the cupboard and someone was trying to open the pad lock. When I tried to peek, there was nobody and everyone was sleeping peacefully. I informed my platoon mates about it and they said that nobody woke up and some experienced it as well.

Surprisely, the floor we stayed, we always noticed some long hairs along the corridoor. At times, you will see a dark figure on the other ends.

That was all of the stories and many more when I am free to write and share. Thanks.

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