Army Tales

This story is what i have encountered during my NS days. I have not personally met any thing, but most of these are what is passed on from my friends. In Tekong, camp 1, our company was having a BTP(range)and I was a medic attached to it. I was sleeping with the drivers and some HQ personal. Everything went smoothly, but back in camp, one of the drivers told me what he saw during one of the nites there. He said that while he was sleeping, he suddenly felt something touching his leg and when he looked up, saw this recruit in PT kit. He actually wanted to scold him, but he was in this dazy mood and don’t care about him. After that, he stared at ME for a long time, before walking out of the door. My friend in this dazy mood then went to sleep.

The next morning, he asked a person who has been in that area for a long time, and he said that there is perverted ghost there. After reaching back to camp, he told this incident to his other friends. Surprisingly, one of his fellow driver also encountered a similar incident, and the spirit also kept staring at the medic(who i also know). It happened in the same bunk and was during range as well. Now the place is demolished and perhaps the ghost will go as well. What i don’t understand is what does it have against medical personel….

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