At Night

This happen recently to my friends sister. She lived next block to mine and my block is just by the roadside. Anyway, my friends sister just came back from and outing about maybe slightly after midnight with her friend.

They stop the cab just beside my block and alight from there when suddenly their handphone rings. When she pick up her phone it was engaged. Just when she off the phone, the phone rang again!!.. By this time they were already under my blocks void deck when they hear some “psst” “psst” sound coming somewhere. When they turn around to look at who is it…..they saw a figure in white with the cloth all dirty and long hair and she could not see the face….the figure just stand there facing them as though was like in ‘senang diri’ position.

The girls screamed their way to their block and while pressing the lift button, the lift door was so ever slow to close!!… They arrived home in shock and terrifed that the girls mom said some prayers before they calm down.

The scary part is this tree is directly in front of my house !!!! And i also heard a case about my brother friend when he wanted to go for werk at 2am when this figure was swaying at the tree and even asked him where he wanted to go!!!!…He looked up and he saw the thing swaying on one of the branches..Luckily, he managed to get cab just in time…he reported sick the next day and my brother have to cover for him.

Luckily, i had never had such encounters and i don’t look forward to it!!!!

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