Awana Hotel

Two years ago somewhere in December, we decided to go Genting for a last minute holiday. Due to last minute booking, there is no big room left to accommodate 5 persons.

Awana Hotel was left and without any choice, we grabbed it. Front desk gave us a big room and the room is 2 storey below the lobby. Upon entering the room, all of us including my 5 years old girl start to feel uneasy. The room is awesome with nice balcony + we are only staying for 2 days so we decided to dismiss the uneasy feeling.

We decided to take a rest before heading out to our fun place. Things start to happen one by one.

My hubby felt someone poked his forehead and he thought my girl is doing that but my girl is playing in the room. My niece saw someone is staring at her while she showers but there is no one there. My maid tripped down for no reason and banged her head onto the wooden coffee table.

My daughter suddenly started screaming and shouting scare scare? (in chinese) and that is when I saw a shadow in human form standing in front of her. I shouted we are only here for holiday and meant no harm, please leave my girl alone. The shadow disappeared. I called the front desk immediately to change my room and I told her my room don’t seem to be clean.

Without any hesitation, she moved my whole family to a high rise tower. Less than 2 mins, the recep brought along 3 helpers to help us to move our luggage. On the way, she asked me if anything happened, I told her and she replied this room is indeed not clean but a ritual was done a week ago.

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