Basement Girl

This happened a long time ago while I was in high school and it happened more then once. This is the first time I encountered her, one night on a friday, I went to a house party with a few of my friends, we got drunk and partied until 12am and left.

After the party 2 of my guy friends wanted to crash at my house because they were too drunk to call a cab and live quite far away, so we all slept in the basement, they slept on the floor in the main room when you walk downstairs however I slept the bedroom next to them, as we all slept I had to wake up in a few hours to go to work , around 5 am I felt a strange feeling like someone was there I thought one of my friends or something was standing there, I looked at the doorway and saw a woman standing just a few feet away from me she was wearing a white short dress down to her knees with brown boots her skin was pale white of course, she had beautiful long black hair and the messed up part was her face was distorted like she had no face it was just blurry at first I just froze up because that’s what happens when you see a ghost, then she disappeared and re appeared closer and then all around my room, she was moving so quickly around the room like in those ghost movies she slowly faded into the darkness out the doorway oh yeah the door was open an it was pitch black for some reason I reached out with my hand to the spirit and said “wait” I don’t know why I said that then a cold tear ran down my right eye which was really strange like why did that just out some sort of feeling she hit me with, after that I turned the lights on and didn’t know what to do and sat there until the sun came up, I told my friends about what happened in the morning they were only a few feet away from my bed but they were freaked out and this is just the first time I seen her, after this incident she came to me on certain occasions with real physical contacts I will share my other stories soon about her I was also able to talk to her at certain times she also reveals her name to me which I will tell in my next chapter….

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