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Have you ever heard noises on your room’s ceiling at nite as if your neighbour’s son above was dropping marbles on their floor?

Well I have encountered the experiences many times. Here goes my story…..

I live in the third floor. Above my room lives a chinese neighbour who has a naughty son. He is a playful boy and there was once he burn a newspaper and throw it out of his kitchen. The paper went into my service balcony. The boy quickly ran down and knock on our door to inform us of the fired- paper. Fortunately it was just a small flame.

Well actually that was not the real eerie story that I wanna tell. The real story goes like this. Nearly every nite I heard on my bedrooms’ ceiling, you know, the sound of marbles being dropped to the ground. It goes on but since I thought it was the boy’s doings, I just let it be. I just cover my ears with pillow and enter slumberland.

However, while at workplace, we were chatting and telling stories when suddenly my colleague asked us whether we ever encounter hearing marbles-dropping noises on our ceiling?

HUH?? I thought only I have a naughty neighbour who likes to play marbles at nite!

What she says really surprised me… She says she learnt from her religious class that it was actually the doings of Jinns and that the Jinns were actually in the room..attracting our attention.

My hair raised as soon as I heard the news.

That nite, I heard the noise again..and I say out” Hai Jinn! I do not disturb you so please do not disturb me.” I recited some prayers.

Then the noises stopped and stopped for a few weeks. When it start again, I say the sayings again. Now the noises ended and I was glad.

When I go my aunt’s place, I do hear the noise there too but I am scared no more.

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