Tampines St 72 Blk 741

This was encounter by my best-friend early this year. This is how the story goes…

After having dinner at her boyfren’s place, she decided to go back home as she was not feeling very well. Her bf’s house is at the west area while her house is at the east area.

The place is quite creepy, especially at night. They were there at about 10+ to 11pm and were riding a scrabler. As they enter Tampines road, she felt that like something is not right. Her neck hair stands and she started to be a little frightened. But although she was frightened, this stupid fren of mine (she said that shes stupid to do this) turn her head and look behind. She turn back to the front after being scolded by her bf. Later, out of the sudden, she looked up and guess what? She saw that “thing” in a white cloth, sitting at one of the branch. She just then smile and said HELLO to “it” softly and then looked front again.

After reaching her block, she still feels that something is not right. She asked he bf to walked with her to her flat but he hesitated and asked to go upstairs by herself. She walked to her lift and passed by some teenage boys and letter box. Suddenly she realised that those teenage boys dosent disturb her and this time she really felt that something is realy-realy not right. She decided to check her mailbox and make noise with it. Those boy, suddenly shut their mouths and looked around. They then ignored and started talking again but this time, their expression were different. Now she relised that shes invincible! No one could see her. As she was going to enter the lift, her bf run to her and accompanied her. After reaching her floor, her bf, who quite religious, asked her to bath right after she went into her house and recite some prayers. He also asked her to ignore any creepy sound or smell.

When she reach her house, she do as what her bf said to her. Before that, she switched on the living room’s and the kitchen’s light. When she was bathing, she heard a voice laughing. This time, she really trembles with fear. She couldn’t even stand. All the way, she bath sitting and recites some prayers. After a while, that laughing voice dissappears completely and she gets her energy back. After she dry herself, she went outside the bathroom, only to find that all the lights were switched off. She thought that it was her grand-father who switched off the light. She go on checking her grandfather ang saw him sleeping soundly in his room. There are no other family member in the house. So she knows that it was that “thing” work. She later went to bed in fear and hoping that that “thing” stop disturbing her.

The next morning, her bf called her and scolded her. He told her that the “thing” followed her as it wanted to befren with her after she greeted it with the hello. She then promised herself not to “hello” again with that “thing”…

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