BBSS Ghost Story

It was a night at bukit batok secondary school, where the NCC land and NCC Sea will be staying overnight for the next day’s Guard Of Honour due to drawing of M16 rifles in the early morning next day. A group of 5 cadets wander around the technical block of the school.

3 of them saw a black human image in near the workshop and the 2 others didn’t see it. The 3 of them look at each other and looked back, the black image is gone. They quickly get out of the techincal block and stay in the classroom. When they got bored they started to play poker, but the 3 guys who saw the black image kept drawing queen of spades everytime, they started to find fishy and stated to suspect the thing they saw. This is a true story where the 3 victims really saw the black image.

The School spiral staircase is also mysterious. When the school is built at 1985, the enigneers could not prevent the staircase from collasping, they found out that the spiral staircase is haunted, so they ask a priest to do a ritual and place an amulet on the site where the spiral staircase is built and the amulet is buried in the ground. Now the spiral staircase stood there strong.

There are quite a lot more ghost stories in BBSS which include the 4th storey old classroom block where the ghost meeting place is. The school hall was said to have a worker died during the construction of the school and the school techical block is huanted by a boy’s hand and some people said that there is also a flying head. Lastly and the most believed is the 3rd storey technical block girls toilet is haunted by a girl who committed suicide there.

Believe or not depends on you…………………

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