It all came along 2 years ago during my NCO course at Civil Defence Academy at Jalan Bahar.

Before Civil Defence Academy was built, it was still a Malay Cementary. Soon apart of it had to give way to the academy. During our course, every Wed we will have lights off(meaning we must come back before 12pm) and my friend volunteer to go out and buy food. He asked ‘Oui u all wan to eat wat?’ I shouted buy fried rice(chinese cook) for me! Two of my friends also wan the same. Not knowing the rice we order contain PORK!!!

Regretted to said this we had offended the muslim religion, before my friend reached the camp he skided just right outside the camp. Luckily our food was inside his motor box. Soon we had our late supper and i went back to my bunk, just alone going to take my shower.

As i was half way through i noticed that something was standing outside my cubicle curtain. I just ignored it. It just disappeared in a split of seconds. Phew wat the hack. The lights suddenly went off. I shouted “Hey who’s the one is playing!!”(thought it my friend) and then i heard a person breathing heavily inside the toliet. It make my hair stand!! I breathed in and dashed out and switched back the lights. Ahha it just my illusion ‘clear’ nothing in vision!!

I went to sleep soon and the rest of my mates were below playing football. Switch on my discman and i fallen asleep. Just as i wanted to skip the music, someone was shaking my bed just assuming to wake me up. When I woke up, noboby was there. My leg was shivering and i went back to sleep. Second attempt by the person. He shook my bed again this time & my bed went out of position. I opened my eyes and turned to the side!!

I got a shocked of my life when a malay lady was just outside the windows. My mind just went blank. Wat is that??

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