The Apartment

After I wrote my first story, suddenly I remembered the name of the apartment that I was telling you about. If I’m not mistaken, the apartment’s name is Leonnie Hill, located at River Valley. The next story that I’m going to tell you is also located at the same apartment. It was told by one of the security guards that used to work there (I’m not sure if he’s still around as my friend moved out from the apartment long time ago)

The security post was located on the first floor outside of the apartment. The guard has control of letting cars in and out by pushing the button on his counter. So one night, while this guard was on his duty (it was pretty late at night, not quite sure what time was that but probably around 3 something) he saw that the metal bar that blocked the cars from coming in and out slowly went up. He was puzzled as he knew that it was impossible since he was the only person who could control it. He thought that it might be a short circuit or something and he waited for the supposingly to be a car to come in to pass by him for a check. After a whole minute of waiting, he didn’t see any car so he went out to check the cableing. After fiddling with them for a while he was sure that nothing was wrong as he needed to report to his supervisor in case there was any short circuit. However, a few minutes later, the same thing happened. At this point he was sure that it wasn’t the circuit at all but by some unseen hands. He was pretty scared at first and started to pray. Finally, the naughty spirit left him alone for the rest of the night all scared and stiff.

The next story happened to another security guard that was also on a night duty. Behind the guard’s counter were glass sliding doors that had censor to open and close the door automatically once someone came out from the elevator. For the elevator itself, it has a typical sound “ting” that’s made by most elevator. So one night he was on his duty, and again it was pretty late, he heard the glass doors slided open but no one came out. After waiting for a while, he decided to check who was that but there wasn’t anyone. The two elevators had always been on the other floors and not the first. Eventhough if someone tried was downstairs or got to the wrong floor and decided to go back to their floors he should be able to hear the “ting” sound.

Later, someone told my friend that actually that apartment was build on a used to be cemetery ground.

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