Bed Shaking

I’m not sure whether any of you have experience like this before, but i did and my sister did too. Before we moved to our new home, our old house was really creepy. Many things had occured when we lived there, but thankfully not at our new home. We stayed at Chai Chee (Bedok area) and if you guys want to know that Chai Chee area is very ‘keras’ (which means it’s haunted, famously known for ghosts, spirits , vampires, jins and all sorts.)

There was once when i was 12-13 yrs. I was sleeping on my single bed, my sister’s bed was next to mine. I was very tired and soon fell into a deep sleep, but i was woken up when my bed started to shake. It shook so bad that i thought it was an earthquake or something and i couldn’t opened my eyes but somehow i knew and felt like the Satans were shaking my bed. And i tried to open my eyes but i felt as if rocks were put on my eyelids because my grandma told me once that the Satans put rocks on our eyes to prevent us from seeing what’s happening. I couldn’t see but however i can make out 2 black shadows, like THEY had wings on their backs. One were holding the end side of my bed and the other was holding the other side of my bed. I couldn’t see their faces and i never wanted to see. They were shaking my bed so violently and i could feel that THEY tried to lift my bed up. I tried to pray and i tried to screams but i just couldn’t! All prayer words that come out from my mouth all end up mumbo jumbo… It always happen like that, when you tried too. But in a matter of seconds, THEY dropped my bed and BOOM!!! I woke up in a terrible sweat. Moreover, i was shock when i saw my sister sitting near my bed and you know what she said? “I’m scared…they got big wings and they kept shaking my bed…” I hugged my little sister so tight that i myself was afraid to switch on our bed room lights.

My sister kept crying and crying. Till today, we never mentioned to anyone not even our mother and father and we never actually spoke about this to each other, it really haunts us to this very day……’THEY’ too shook my sister’s bed…scary…i tell you, my hair is raising now…and i bet you, i’m sleeping on a mattress now, far better than my single bed….Please e-mail me if you have the same kind of experience before.

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