Hotel Secrets

I used to work as a singer in a local hotel located around City Hall. Things were pretty cool in the beginning until my 6th month of working, I encountered some things not quite normal. This is gonna be pretty long but I hope you read on……

I have a couple regular guests who would step into the lounge and have a couple of drinks before setting home. I would describe this particular group of guests as a very noisy bunch and can be irritating sometimes. Night was pretty normal, and they were making lotsa noise, teasing us and singing along loudly. But moments after that, they kept quiet and looked kinda dumbstrucked. I sang as usual but was pretty uncomforatble with their silence(which is TOTALLY not them!). After a while, they left one by one, looking pretty sick.

I ask the band members what made them leave early. They said that the guests felt a strong gust of wind across them..something that would make you hair stand. I believed them because I know such things exist. But I haven’t experienced any until it was my 6 mths of working….the shadow that staffs and even my band members were talking about.

I was singing when I noticed a dark shadow from one side of the small dancefloor in front of the stage. It moved smoothly to the centre then just vanished. I swear I could’ve have choked but I wasn’t too sure so I continued singing and my thoughts were already going totally bonkers!!! And some of my friends laugh at me when I told them about this…they think the ghost wanna have some fun!

The truth is, the shadow exists…always found in the corners of the lounge. Once, a security officer was doing a night duty, going around the hotel and decided to take a short nap in the lounge( no one goes inside there after midnight!!). He said that he managed to close his eyes only for a short while until he felt he was being watched. He opened his eyes and saw an exact reflection of him across the lounge where the stage is…..except there wasn’t any facial features…

My keyboardist once went to gents and caught a glimpse of a figure sitting on the basin top with hair covering the face. When he shouted, “OI!”, the figure just disappeared.

There’s been fresh candle wax at the staircases when the security officers were on night duty..these were unexplained….a few floors of the hotel were also haunted….one with a strong smell of cigar, and it was told that a man died in one of the rooms on that floor and he loves to smoke cigars…at another level, the doors of the lifts just go open and shut…..

There’s definitely more than just guests in that hotel…….

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