Blk 114 Clementi Street 13

Known that if you pour a limau purut (lime) juice on to a blood of dead person, the blood will ‘scream’? Yes it does…!

At first I thought, hah it’s nonsense! Where got such thing!! But out of curiousity, my kakis and I tried and it really happened. The result? Scary, man…..

We actually been talking about this for quite sometimes but some of my kakis and myself denied it. It utter nonsense to us. But when the rest seems serious about it, we decided to give a try. So we were on the look out for any incident around the neighbourhood such like a fatal accident or people jumped down from highrise building. We were blessed with good luck.

About 2 weeks we look around, one day there was someone jumped down from 15 storey just 2 blocks away from my block at Blk 114 Clementi Street 13. At that time, I just came home from my tutorial when one of my kakis called me about the incident. So we rushed down at the scene as fast as possible with limau purut in hand. But by the time we reached at the scene, police were around and they cordoned the area. But patiently, we wait. Here we were all excited but at the sametime deep down everyone were scared. So once the hurst people came and took away the deceased, we straight away proceed nearer to the spot where the deseased landed.

There were some blood around and silently we came to agreement who among 5 of us who going to pour the limau purut juice onto the blood. At first no one volunteered. So we decided everybody took turn doing it. It does proof us all right. Each one of us heard a faint sound of a scream in pain. But the sound only heard by us and not to those who did not pour the limau purut juice. We did not expected this at all.

At first it was a joke. But after each of us did twice each we were convinced that the blood did scream in pain because we pour limau purut juice onto it.

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