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I had never experienced an encounter with the supernatural before (maybe when I was younger) but ever since I was attached to my boyfriend who can feel and see these “things”, somehow these capabilities are also transported to me.

One of my encounters happened not too long ago in my own room. I can’t really remember what night that was but I know that night was rather special cos I reached home late (almost 12am) and I suddenly have this urge to perform the evening prayers (normally i won’t if its too late). As the rest of the family has already retired for the nite, I quickly bathed, cleansed myself and performed my prayers. Feeling tired after a long day at work, I rested on my bed after switching off my bedroom light with the living room light shining into my room. Just as I was abt to doze off, I suddenly realise that the room light that shined into my room got dimmer and dimmer, as though there was somebody coming into my room and standing at the door. I jumped up, went to the living room and asked,” Who’s that?” I checked on my parents and brothers but they were so sound asleep that it is impossible to suspect them standing at my door. Suddenly feeling creepy, I went to my room, on the light, and locked the door. Since then on, I never sleep with the lights off.

I told my mother my experience the next morning and she was deep in thought. A few days later, my father came to know about my experience and told me that it is the spirit of the “keris”(ancient weapon) he brought back from Batam.

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