Believe Now

I will always remember the incident that happened to me 2 years ago. I was in sec 2 that year and during the June hoilday, I and my family members went to Batam for hoilday. We stay in a hotel near a village called “Hounts” and the place there was in fact quite remote and errie. However, I felt okay and did not think much about it. Until one very night where I stay in my hotel room alone.

The time was near midnight. As I was watching the television, I suddenly heard some strange sounds. It was a woman’s crying. I ignored. The very next moment, a white figure suddenly flashed through the screen quickly. My heart started to beat faster and my hands started to shake. A soft music filled the room after that. It became louder and louder. I was even more afraid then because I did not turn on the radio and the TV I was watching then was a drama serial. Just then, I saw a woman’s head flying past the window’s screen. Her eyes was bloodshoting and her face looked horrible. It was too scary and I could not take it anymore. Thus, I ran down to the counter and waited for my parents to return.

While waiting, the flying head flashes in my mind again and again. I was too shocked. Finally, my parents returned and I told them about it but they just ignored me. Yet, I feel that the feeling was too close and the incident was too true and clear.

Later, I heard from the village head of “Hounts” that once there was a pretty lady who was raped and killed by her brother-in-law. Her heart was filled with harted and so she became a fierce soul. Not long after that, the brother-in-law died without any cause. The doctor also found it very strange but he did not know the story of the dead man past. And the village head showed me the brother-in-law photo in his thirties. I was too shocked. It looked exactly like me. Would it be that I may be the woman ghost second victim ?

Just then, I saw the woman again, behind the village head, in her whole body form, looking at me with her bloodshot eyes. Yet, I could not moved as I was standing too close to the village head and HER … … …

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